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portland shellfish dressed crab a

Dressed crab as we eat it at home - you need to buy your own leaves

Fresh and Dressed Crab Meat

Fresh not pastuerised, and perfectly hand-picked.

Our crab meat is superb - always fresh; pastuerised? I dont think so! Mechanically extracted? Not a chance - we leave that to the big boys elsewhere; oh, and one more thing, we don't pick from frozen crab and sell the meat as fresh.

Our fresh crab meat is always hand picked by us, in house. There is no other way if you want to make something sublime and special - and ours is - testament to this is the number of Michelin-starred restaurants in London and elsewhere that won't use anything else. Don't ask how we cook our crab we wont tell you.

Our dressed crabs are simply divine and very popular with restaurants and hotels that use us, both in town and by the sea.