portland shellfish gilthead bream

We don't sell these... but aren't they pretty?

What we sell

We sell shellfish - so why the pictures of Gilthead Bream?

That's easy - it's a beautiful photograph: Ben caught them, Nick took the photo and being brothers with a love for everything from the sea we both insisted that the pictures had to go on our site. Our passion for the freshest produce is shown in everything we do.

But actually we do sell some wet fish - only the freshest Cod and Steelhead - so fresh it's still swimming.

We are able to offer you the following delights:

Fresh crab meat, why would anyone want to pasteurise this delicate gourmet food?!
Potted crab
Potted shrimp
Dressed crab

Live Portland crabs
Live Portland lobster
Live langoustine
King scallops
Razor clams
Manila clams

Velvet crabs and Spider crabs.

And finally, special of the day, a very fine selection of Fresh Fish!