portland shellfish crates

Lobster pots - sustainable and ethical. No by catch or loss.


No waste and no by-catch

Blimey there are more hook and line fish caught these days than there are hooks made, seriously though, crustacea are caught using static gear – pots to you and me. No gill nets, no trawls, there is no more selective way of fishing – anywhere.

All our scallops are hand collected by divers and with crab and lobster, if it’s too small, soft shelled etc, back it goes. For more than a century the shellfish in our Southern Seas fishery area have been protected by minimum size limits, and it works.

In the summer when we stare out of the window overlooking Balaclava Bay, ‘researching’, up to half of the catch can be seen being thrown back alive by the inshore boats for this very reason.

There are no discards in our industry.